Our paramount objective is to provide the most effective legal counsel possible.  To that end, we are dedicated to listening to clients, understanding their concerns and objectives, and giving sound and straightforward advice based on their unique circumstances.  We aim for excellence in all undertakings, and take pride in delivering results for our clients.


We feel strongly that access to effective legal counsel is crucial to the long-term success of businesses and municipalities.  However, we also recognize that the steadily-increasing billable rates at many law firms today have, unfortunately, made obtaining competent legal advice cost-prohibitive.  We seek to resist that trend not only by offering reasonable billable rates, but also by providing flexible billing arrangements based on a client’s individual needs.


No matter the circumstances, we believe there is never an excuse for a lack of professionalism.  This means that we always respond, personally and promptly, to client calls and emails.  We treat our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy and we deliver on the promises that we make.


The attorney-client relationship, perhaps more than any other professional relationship, is based on mutual trust.  Effective representation is impossible when a client cannot trust his or her attorney.  Recognizing this fact, we are unfailingly open, honest, and direct with their clients—always putting a client's interests before those of the firm.