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Business Litigation Attorney

No matter the industry or size of the company, we firmly believe that businesses are in the best position to thrive when they avail themselves of quality legal representation.  From selecting an entity form to selling a business and everything in between, effective legal advice can be, and often is, the difference between failure and success.

Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to developing an in-depth knowledge of the legal issues that arise in the life of a business.  We leverage that knowledge to provide practical and cost-effective advice that is based on a thorough understanding of the client’s individual objectives and circumstances.  And we work closely and collaboratively with the client to ensure that their goals are achieved.

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Our firm is privileged to represent a truly diverse array of clients in a multitude of industries, ranging from e-commerce retailers, physicians, general contractors, architectural firms, professional athletes, and sporting equipment manufacturers.  It is often the case that different sets of laws will apply depending on a client’s specific industry and business activity.  However, as we routinely advise a broad spectrum of clients, our attorneys are adept at tailoring legal solutions based on the demands of a distinct industry.

The firm regularly assists clients in the following areas:

  • Business Entity Formation – advising clients regarding the various forms of business entities, and forming the appropriate entity based on the individual needs of each client. 

  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation – counseling clients on all manner of legal instruments, including purchase contracts, real and personal property leases, non-disclosure agreements, asset purchase agreements, and financing documents. 

  • Intellectual Property Licensing – representing clients in connection with the licensing of various intellectual property, from software license agreements to arrangements for the use of business names. 

  • Employment and Consulting Agreements – preparation of employment contracts and independent contractor agreements. 

  • Business Disputes and Litigation – resolution of all manner of business disputes, including those arising from trade secret theft, intellectual property infringement, and breach of contract.

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